– André, can I bring over a sleeping bag and stay here for a couple of days?
That was my first reaction when entering the new space for watch aficionados at the Candal Park, in Gaia, near Oporto.
Watch Garage was never an average online watch dealer and André Sampaio has been crafting his brand since 2015.
Imagine, dear reader, you're having one of those days when you feel like quietly enjoying a well curated selection of watches or a wide range of straps, cases, transport rolls, or a variety of leather products.
Imagine that you simply feel like wandering around exchanging ideas about this passion called watchmaking while having a cup of coffee.
Imagine also that your watch needs servicing or restoration.
Well, that's the spirit of the new Watch Garage space. An oasis of passion to be enjoyed and offering the complementary repair and restoration services provided by Atelier do Relógio
Watch Garage has always excelled in the meticulous presentation of its products and I confess being curious to see the transposition of that vision into the real world and the truth is that the spacious area framed by two lateral mezzanines is elegant and welcoming.
It really makes you want to bring a sleeping bag and spend a few days there! No detail was overlooked.
However, I must issue a warning to all those who intend to visit André and Pedro. It's easy to get there, easy to park, but not easy to leave! Personally, I felt some hidden forces compelling me to stay, and I think they were sent by someone called Ming.
I had to channel my inner Flash Gordon not to leave with it on my wrist!
Once again, the passion of two friends led them to join forces and that's what matters the most. More than just a space for watch enthusiasts, it's the embryo of a community.
I wanted to end this text with some words of encouragement and support, and the old saying "Fortis fortuna adjuvat" seemed appropriate, but even that reminds me of the beautiful Stratoliner S-41 Cool Gray flirting with me there.
Dear reader, on second thought, I apologize. I take back everything. Stay away from that place!!
Dear André and dear Pedro, your project is inspiring!
Candal Park, Rua 28 de Janeiro 350, fração HI-02, 4400-335 Vila Nova de Gaia

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