Watch Meeting Point was born out of the passion.
Through this online journal we aim to tell tales. Hopefully beautiful ones.
I won't rush after the next novelty, well I won't rush after anything, very much the opposite I aim want to slow down.
Readers can expect informality, emotion and honesty.
In a world sometimes intoxicated by new watches on a daily basis, I invite our readers to slow down and to enjoy my online journal where I do things just because we can.
I'm open to anyone who wants to share a good story, please do reach out.
Is this a blog or a website?
My little newborn corner on the web is not a library, it’s a journal. It’s not structured in a website way but as a slow unfolding of pages containing stories about what inspires me. 
Simplicity is the key word. 
I aim for the visual enjoyment of those who choose to spend a little time with us.
Some stories will be long and I'll try not to make these too boring, and some will be short and I'll also try not to make those too boring as well.

Why in English?
The answer is simple: reach.
On the other hand the risks of sharing content in my non native language are huge, however I'm confident that by humbly improving, story by story, no idea will be lost in translation, pun intended.
Everybody gets their information from countless sources in various languages and yet they communicate and engage. I don't see it as a barrier but as a challenge.

Watch Meeting Point
I have no agenda, only firm values.
I navigate by sight believing things can be shared in a different way.

Thank you and welcome

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