Little story
In 1994 the British band James re-recorded their song Low Low Low for fun during the sessions for the upcoming album Laid. They named it Goal Goal Goal and it's a brilliant uplifting pop song. 

Another little story
Fast forward to the 18th of October 2012. Benfica is playing away against Freamunde for the Portuguese Cup. Twenty eight minutes into the second half, André Gomes is inside the box, receives a high ball, kills it on the chest, shoots a missile with his right foot and goal! André Gomes couldn't have debuted in Benfica's main team in a better way.​​​​​​​
Take that ball and make it break the laws of gravity!
The main story
Escudo Watches and Portuguese international footballer André Gomes have formed a partnership, making the current Everton FC midfielder the brand's new ambassador. 
Born in Liverpool by two watch enthusiasts with strong connections to Portugal, Escudo Watches thus acquires a valuable asset to reinforce its strategic vision regarding partnerships.
Steadily and slowly, the brand continues to tread a solid path based on models that can be worn in more intense activities or with simple casual look. You can browse the collection here.
André Gomes is Portuguese and has a professional background playing for Benfica, Valencia, Barcelona and Lille. Now in Liverpool representing Everton FC, André becomes the latest member of a watchmaking family that continues to build bridges between Portugal and England.
A big hats off from our side!​​​​​​​

The closing story 
We are passionate about photography and therefore we couldn't fail to mention the delicate and elegant photographic work of Sara Porter. Kudos to Sara too!
Escudo Watches Silver Inox Ø 39mm

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