Long ago guitars were a part of my life as I dreamed of being a rock and roll guitar player. However, that dream quickly faded when getting a Les Paul didn't turn me into the next Jimmy Page. 
But what does that have to do with the Isotope Old Radium 'Black Ink Bronze' X Espiral do Tempo?
Well, it has a lot to do with it so please bear with me.
As often stated on this little corner of the web we are for the stories so here's one from the behind the scenes.
It all started with the opportunity to visually explore the new Isotope Old Radium 'Black Ink Bronze' X Espiral do Tempo.
At this point and since I'm music inspired I must correct Public Enemy; sometimes we can believe the hype and that fits perfectly this British/Portuguese brand. Slowly and steady the brand's path has been paved with some of the coolest watches around, but don't take my word for it.
I was alerted to the fact that the bronze case (CuSn8) might look "tired" so I began the whole process by cleaning the Old Radium Bronze X Espiral do Tempo. There are tons of videos on the subject but basically the idea is to make a paste composed of baking soda and lemon juice liquid enough to immerse the watch case in. 
I let it soak for 3, 4 minutes, brushed it with a soft toothbrush, immersed it and brushed it again before the final wash. (If you feel the mix is hardening fast just add more lemon juice.)
For the final wash I brushed the watch case immersed in water and repeated the process several times finishing with a final rinse under a very gentle stream of water. 
I began by taking the formal photos, you could say, those aimed at honestly capturing the watch yet also serving as the beginning of a visual seduction. The bronze was beautiful so it had to be the star. Experimenting with various neutral paper and cardboard backgrounds proved wrong as they were too opaque in reflecting the faint light I desired. I had a different "glow" in mind.
The solution presented itself in the form of a screen from a malfunctioning television. Placing a diffuser above the set softened the deep blackness of the screen, turning it into a shade of anthracite casting deep shadows I quite liked.
Photographing the Old Radium 'Black Ink Bronze' X Espiral do Tempo was a delight. This 40mm bad boy lends itself to the task! 
Warm toned bronze, flat glass allowing to enjoy the dial from every angle, brushed finishing and looking good on any outfit. 
It has everything going for him and also that black enameled dial whose darkness can only echo through a tortured guitar riff.
How I love beautiful, simple and to the point, watches.
Well, guitars again!
Halfway through the initial photo process I got a message asking: 
- Can you get a black guitar? This watch is too rock and roll. We must explore the Back in Black, Back to Black rock and roll vibe. A guitar would be very cool.
"Say no more, say no more, wink, wink", Monty Pyton style!
A childhood friend, for his sins, still a rock guitarist, had the perfect guitar and from a generous list I chose one in particular. Studio booked, guns blazing, an afternoon of photos proved the right move for capturing that rock and roll ambiance.
After getting the results we wanted it was time for one last shot. The one revealing the reason for choosing that specific guitar. 
The passage of time manifests itself in numerous ways be it on a bronze watch case or on a guitar body just like that beautiful spiderweb patterned craquelure on the varnish. Hence the precise orange spotlight highlighting it.​​​​​​​
So now you know.
The rest? What's not to like about this watch?
Simple, beautiful, black, limited edition of 65 numbered pieces.
The glam is strong on this one.

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