Thanks to the generosity of the Eska team the prototype provided arrived a few days before the project's launch on the Kickstarter platform. And, being a pure diver, it couldn't have arrived in a better setting than on a rainy late afternoon. 
No matter how many watches I've photographed, which can be counted in the hundreds, the anticipation of receiving a new piece is always present. Yet, experience also advises me to take a moment so I made some tea, sat down and opened the box. 
The first impression is always crucial for me and I admit that my initial reaction was influenced by my tired eyes. The Eska '250' Amphibian features 40mm of absolute readability!
The Eska "250" Amphibian is a new watch with an old soul.
Hours, minutes, bezel — everything that really matters to read immediately on a true diver is what the Eska '250' Amphibian clearly displays.
The numerals in Terra di Siena Natural contrast with the blackness of the dial and bezel, transporting me to another time and aesthetic. 
The numerals are printed directly on the dial but the indexes are cut out, revealing a disc at a lower level in a sandwich effect. Above the cut out a small red line matching the tip of the seconds hand gives the final touch to this delicious detail.
The word "vintage" is often used to describe many watches, but in my opinion few new releases immediately evoke a historical and aesthetic heritage at first glance like the Amphbian. 
The Eska '250' Amphibian is a new watch with an old soul. 

I could delve into the movement (Seiko NH38), the case size (40mm), the finishes (brushed on top, polished on the sides), but I won't. "Tech specs" have their rightful place, but, for me, they are the overtime of a game and that game is to dignify the watch through photographs. 
I first see the object as a whole and ponder how to enhance its beauty. Being a designer by training I try to understand the design choices and how to work with them.
During the moment of photography there's no room for judgment.
The Eska '250' Amphibian is a simple, solid piece with a very well-executed design. It exudes solidity and confidence and it was a pleasure to have it in hand for a few days. 
At the end of the day it's the feeling it evokes that counts and that I can share as a photographer and watch lover. 
I liked the Eska '250' Amphibian. I enjoyed photographing it, handling it and wearing it. 
After the success on the Kickstarter platform, the Eska "250" Amphibian can be acquired through Eska's website for 1.200€.
Final note
Two friends, Christophe and Sinicha, passionate about watchmaking, took over the reins of Eska, and now with access to a very interesting historical archive I'm sure it will be one of the brands to follow closely. Beyond the watch, it was the union of their passion that brought the Eska name back to life.
Hats off to Christophe and Sinicha!
ESKA "250" Amphibian
Ref: 1094
Automatic, 40 mm, 316L Steel, Seiko NH38 movement, water resistance 250m.
1.200 € (taxes included France)
Shipping will begin in July 2024.

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