Ref: CBL2184.FT6236
Automatic Chronograph, 39 mm, Titanium
11.400 €
If we focus only on the details filled with turquoise lume it's easy to visualize a tribal face. 
The counters at 3 and 9 o'clock are the eyes topped by threatening eyebrows and lips downturned to the mouth represented by the date window. Or a robotic warrior with raised arms displaying the red hands like weapons.
Daydreams aside it's a very aggressive design in the best of ways. It's black, lightweight, and chromatically striking. It's worn like a tamed beast on the wrist; the swift darkness of a machine ready to spring into action. 
The leather and caoutchouc strap allows for a higher or lower fitting on the wrist with equal style and comfort.
We'll share more thoughts about some models of the Monaco collection.

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