I was taking some casual photos when I saw him. As soon as I did I felt my heart race, the adrenaline rush and I had to say it — it was stronger than me.
– Excuse me sir, I don’t know you yet, but I already dislike you!
The response was immediate and came as an open and genuine smile. My provocation was, of course, understood. Seconds later, in excellent spirits, we talked about our shared love for the Fortis Stratoliner S-41 Cool Gray. 
In reality, I like all the Fortis collections, from the Stratoliner to the Flieger, and since I have a passion for divers, the Marinemaster line is particularly dear to me.
But what does that matter when on the other side is someone who came from a part of the world 6500 km away and ended up buying one of my favorite watches? Someone who also likes photography and irradiates positive energy?
This is what I like the most; the watch as a pretext for something greater, like a well-spent afternoon sharing experiences, projects, and ideas. 
My dear Avery J. Baker, you have excellent an taste in watches!

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